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Rudius Wines

North by Northwest


Rudius Wines

In ancient times, gladiators fought bravely in the Roman coliseum until the Emperor of Rome gave them the ultimate gift — a Rudius — a wooden short sword, symbolizing the freedom they had so gallantly earned. With the Rudius, they were given the freedom to live their lives according to their own rules.


And this is just the liberty that Rudius Wines affords Jeff Ames & Brittany Coy. Founded in Napa in 2005, the Rudius brand has grown into a unique venture over the years, emblematic of their families' commitment to go to any length (or location) in the pursuit of great wine.


While the Cabernets of Napa Valley remain at the core of the brand, the wines and the beauty of the Northwest, specifically Washington’s Walla Walla Valley, have always had a strong draw for Jeff & Brittany. And so it was natural for the pair to follow their passion for Rhone wines north, to the stony soils of eastern Washington, where they can make wines that are a strong tribute to their passion for great juice and their belief that the vineyards really are the best winemakers.



2016 Farella Park Cabernet Sauvignon

Coombsville, Napa Valley

$704 net (200 cases)  

2016 Cabernet Sauvignon Kaley Elizabeth, Oakville

$1,024 per case

2016 Bedrock Red
$304 per case (50 cases)

2016 Savory Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain

$1,024 net (200 cases)

2014 Hudson Syrah

$304/per case

2013 Grenache Alexander Valley

$228 net (250 cases)

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